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The textures have been prepared to measure: 4,82m x 3,78m
The size of a single board: 1205mm x 210mm

Technical informations:

  1. Useful layer 6 uv-lacquer coatings with corundum.
  2. Possibility of use on underfloor heating.
  3. Natural wood heat.
  4. Eco: protection of tree stands rational use of wood.
  5. Sanding/ scraping turns into history hardness + abrasion + price.
  6. Fast and comfortable installation intellectual property of venifloor, ohim no. 002693481-00.
  7. Increased immunity on a speed.
  8. Excessive resistance to moisture hdf board with increased water resistance.
  9. Unique width 21 cm dimensions 210 x 1205 x 9.3 / 8.5 mm.
  10. Attractive wood price.
  11. Up to 15 years of guarantee.

List of available textures – collections Basic Varnish, Prime Varnish:

List of available textures – collections Basic Oil, Prime Oil, Superior Oil:
Bubble oakBubble oak (zip: 3.5MB)
Clear Classic OakClear Classic Oak (zip: 3.5MB)
Glamour OakGlamour Oak (zip: 3.8MB)
Gothic OakGothic Oak(zip: 3.2MB)
Hawaiian OakHawaiian Oak (zip: 4.2MB)
Colonial OakColonial Oak (zip: 4.4MB)
Modern OakModern Oak (zip: 3.3MB)
Norwegian OakNorwegian Oak (zip: 3MB)
American WalnutAmerican Walnut (zip: 3.8MB)
Provencal Oak SelectableProvencal Oak Selectable (zip: 3.3MB)
Retro OakRetro Oak (zip: 3.8MB)
Scandinavian OakScandinavian Oak (zip: 3.3MB)