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Characterizes itself with soft, posh look which is created e.g. by delicate underlining of presence alburnum. There is any arrangement of growth rings, small bright knots, healthy knots can appear with an average diameter of up to 1 cm with small cracks, core radius. Natural colouring.

Any growth rings, small healthy knots up to 1 cm in diameter, natural colour.


Specially selected variety of Classic Oak. Oak Select was created in response to the needs of customers for whose most important is the homogeneous shade of the floor.

This type represents the uniformity of color in a particular batch of material.

deska drewniana dąb rustykalny


It exposes the natural assets of wood like original drawing of growth rings, entrenched knots without limits, seasoned knots up to 5 cm in average diameter, variegated color, presence of hardwood and alburnum, or even cracks – natural and seasoned.

We suggest in the most visible places to lay out the boards that best suit your taste. The natural product characterizes itself with uniqueness, for example in knots, which we advise to display at its discretion – like a picture. Everyone can compose their own design.

Permissible alburnum, healthy knots without limitation, knots seasoned to 5 cm in diameter, natural and seasoned cracks, natural colours.


Specially selected variety of Rustic Oak, available on special order.

Intensity,  size of knots, or, for example, colour scheme on request – please contact Seller.


As standard produced in the sort Rustic Oak.
Colour combined with the natural assets of Rustic wood.
Permissible alburnum, healthy knots without limitation, knots seasoned to 5 cm in diameter, with natural and seasoned cracks, similar colours.

* Possibility of performing a given color in Oaks from CLASSIC sort or other species.


It features a bright warm shade, any growth rings – simple, vein, semi-vein.
Any setting of growth rings, very bright colouring.


Variety of colours, acceptable knots, different hardwood and alburnum.

Venifloor selection

Every wooden floor can be categorised as a specific type, which emphasizes its appearance and character. Different types feature the natural features of wood, such as: the presence of heartwood, knots, sapwood and the arrangement of the woodgrain as well as various other discolorations, all of which are natural features of wood that determining its beauty and uniqueness.

The new generation of wooden floors are also available in several types, depending on which wood and veneer are used, which makes it easier to choose the right floor to suit your chosen interior style and your preferences. At the veneer production stage, Venifloor selects the types to be used in its three collections: PREMIUM, LUXURY oraz AVANT-GARDE.

The selection corresponds to the names of particular floors, so the Premium collection includes: Classic Oak and Rustic Oak.

Concepts used in the surface structure of Venifloor flooring:


This is the inner wood zone of the tree, and is usually darker. Heartwood does not perform any physiological functions and does not conduct water.

This is the living tissue of wood and has a brighter colour, fully surrounding the heartwood. Sapwood is a tissue with high humidity, and is used to transport water, mineral salts and growth substances, from the roots to the crowns. It is also a place for storing the substances necessary for the tree to continue living through the rest periods.

Classic types:

Types of classic wood – e.g. Classic Oak in the Premium collection. A selected heartwood flooring with any pattern of woodgrain – straight, semi-veined or veined, with a natural, diversified colour, fine knots and sporadic areas of sapwood.

Small knots filled with light-colored putty and patched places up to 2 cm in average diameter are also allowed.

Some exotic species may also produce a floor with a vivid variation in colours, with stronger accents of knots and traces of heartwood; in the case of heartwood, the flooring may have a subdued appearance with some sapwood visible, such as with American Walnut. Natural colour and texture, any arrangement of the grain, acceptable single bright knots up to an average diameter of 1 cm with small cracks, acceptable fine sapwood, and acceptable broad rays.

For species such as Elm or Ash, a floor with a vivid variation of colours, with knots and traces of heartwood. Possibly a gentle pattern, but also stronger accents of knots.

Rustic types:
Types of rustic wood – e.g. Rustic Oak in the Premium collection. A very varied colour and texture, strong colouration, acceptable healthy/rooted knots with no restrictions with treated cracks, acceptable pith, edge defects treated with a hard filler, sapwood without restrictions. There may also be occasional boards without knots, with a characteristic wood grain. Also black and treated knots with an average diameter of up to 5 cm are permissible.

We offer rustic flooring in many species of wood with strong contrasting grains, with strong accents of large knots and sapwood. This type is also found in exotic wood. A rustic character, with strong accents, large knots filled with special two-component fillers.

Selected types:
A special variation of the above types. The flooring is sorted at the customer’s request in terms of colour uniformity in a given batch of material, as well as diameters and numbers of knots or other visual parameters. This is carried out for an additional fee.

Parameters for additional payment are each time confirmed by the Manufacturer in terms of the feasibility.



Please note!
The characteristics of the types presented may vary with respect to different types of wood.
The data contained in this statement are for illustrative purposes only.