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Wooden boards

Wooden boards are an essential product for the construction and renovation of our homes. They are used as construction and finishing materials as well as decorative elements.

Our company specializes in the production of the best quality wooden boards, featuring several characteristics:

Where can Venifloor wooden boards be used?

Venifloor wooden boards can be installed both in homes as well as all types of public building, but it is worth remembering that wooden boards are not intended for rooms with high moisture levels. What’s more, the warranty for Venifloor wooden boards is up to 15 years! The floor is very solid, but the essential fact is that it is made of the best materials.

Wooden boards and interiors

Wooden boards are used in many interiors. A floor made of them is often valued for its simplicity as well as its naturalness. In addition, a floor made of wooden boards can be considered to give an interior a noble look. It is also worth emphasizing that wood is used in interior design to create a cosy effect, while at the same time maintaining a very elegant character.

The unique appearance of a floor made of wooden boards is achieved thanks to the unique arrangement of the grain on each board, as well as the many shades. Wood is a material used in engineering constructions, some of considerable size, as well as in all types of interiors, both residential and public. The most important advantages of wooden boards are:

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