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Is sanding rational?

There is a wrong conviction that the usage layer in floorings is wood and that the thicker its layer is, the better the floor is. Meanwhile, thicker layer of wood is needed only for regeneration (sanding) of flooring to remove deep indentations arised when floor is used. In such cases, sanding is undergone just to the indentation’s depth.
The usage layer in every floor is a layer made of lacquer or oil. This is the layer we step on and which is mostly prone to direct influence of everyday factors.

Flooring Venifloor characterizes itself with hardness bigger of 114% than hardness in layered Oak board. Difference between Venifloor and Oak could be compared as difference between Oak and Pine (see: Venifloor researches).

These two parameters – resistance to abrasion and hardness – constitute the durability of flooring and, in wider perspective, determine the necessity of its renovation.

Renovation by polishing – refreshment after years:

Considering very well usable parameters of our flooring, we recommend to its refreshment the 1-day system of boards’ renovation, e.g. from Bona. Such a kind of renovation could be carried a few times, it consists of grinding and dulling the outer layers of lacquers and then of putting the new lacquer layer.

1. Make sure that you use the right brushes.2. Fill the Bona PowerScrubber with Bona Deep Clean Solution.3. Clean the floor covering the surface in straight lines.4. Surface sanding with 240 grit diamond abrasives.
5. Apply Bona Traffic HD with a putty knife and a roller.6. Wonderfully protected, beautifully prepared for new challenges.

Renovation of acute indentations:

The additional option for flooring renovation after developing deep, mechanical damages is to regenerate them by means of usage so-called hot hard waxes. They perfectly – in permament and practically invisible way – fill bigger indentations. A few minutes – that is the whole renovation time.