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A durable wooden floor for your house or flat

The floor is one of the most important elements of any interior. First of all it plays a protective role, but it should also ensure a comfortable living experience and maintain the appearance of the interior for the next few years. If we think about finishing choices for floors, wood quickly comes to mind. A wooden floor has many advantages, not just because it is natural but also that it makes the interior feel cosy. What’s more, wood does not attract dust and has a warm touch. However, buying means considering which floor type to choose. We want to invest in a durable wooden floor. So, what is a durable wooden floor?

A durable wooden floor – features

A durable wooden floor is one that continues to look great for many, many years. Robust Venifloor wooden flooring requires no further processing immediately after assembly, so no sanding or painting. Venifloor flooring is characterized by very high durability and surface resistance. The resistance is achieved thanks to the six-fold varnishing with very high quality UV varnishes.
The core of the solid floor is the HDF board, which provides high resistance to all kinds of dents and impacts. A durable wooden floor is created through an advanced production process, where the wood structure is changed by grinding and pressing under high pressure. Thanks to this, you get a product that is incredibly resistant to mechanical factors. Our durable wooden floor is also great for underfloor heating.

Venifloor offer

Venifloor offers a wide range of products for wooden floors, and has three collections:

Why choose a durable Venifloor wooden floor?

Venifloor flooring is made of durable HDF boards, which form the core of the floor boards. These boards are made by grinding wood. Thanks to this type of treatment, our wooden boards do not shrink. Robust Venifloor wooden flooring is resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage, so you can avoid deep dents. Any losses that occur, such as when a sharp object falls on the flooring, can be repaired with hard wax. Robust Venifloor wooden floors have a long-term guarantee, proof that our flooring is very durable, and incredibly solid.