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Are we looking for harmony? Naturally!

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we seek rest and relief in the environment of nature – whether well-known or practically exotic. It is the closeness to nature that allows us to fully regain our strength and look at the world around us from a different perspective. Unnoticeable, though important in this process of spiritual and bodily reflection, is the presence of wood. Wood is probably the closest material to us that has accompanied man since the dawn of history. Its unique properties and easily created by wood magic aura of home fires means that it is often used for the construction of houses and interior finishings.

Do we care about the environment? Naturally!

The advantages of wood and the significant interest resulting from these advantages were and are the main reasons for the increased use of this raw material, which in turn had a direct impact on the size of natural resources and the price of wood. The way to rationally use its uniqueness, so as to enjoy the beauty of nature at home, and at the same time to reduce felling, is the use of veneers in the production process.

Do you know that Venifloor
can produce from one tree 30 times more veneer flooring than solid wood flooring manufacturers.

With the respect for noble wood!

Do we want to save? Naturally!

Fortunately, many years ago, humanity discovered a technique that allows you to enjoy the benefits of wood while reducing its consumption, and thus costs. Veneering, for this is the technology under discussion, was already known in antiquity. For centuries, this technique has been improved. In Poland, in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, it was affected by the ill will of performance. Fortunately, the free market forced a return to the best models, and recent years and the development of technology have resulted in this art achieving, over the years, a kind of virtuosity reserved for such veneering. Veneering saves money, but above all, the natural environment. In addition, the use of veneer eliminates the main drawback of solid wood – the product’s instability.

Venifloor Naturally!

Why, then, do we not have to deal with nature every day by stepping on the floor in our own home or apartment – especially because nowadays access to high quality veneer floorings is easier than ever? Veneer floorings are successfully used across the world and they are very popular among interior designers as well as their users. In order to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, we have created the brand Venifloor, which combines many years of experience in the production of veneers of our proven suppliers with the latest flooring production technologies and global design trends.
Trust the brand and aesthetics that will allow you to precisely express yourself while maintaining high and ecological floor standards.

Do we like beauty? Naturally!

Therefore, we cooperate with a partner company that has been producing veneer for years and using its knowledge and experience we improve the technique of making our flooring. The Venifloor range includes over 100 natural colours from more than 80 species of real wood: from Noble Oak, to other Polish species, to the egotic shades of Sapelli or Heban.

Natural beauty is very close to us, that’s why we share it with others.

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