The most important advantages of oil-wax coating

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  • Natural oils for wood penetrate deeply into its pores, while solid materials provide protection from the outside, for example the harmful effects of moisture. Unlike wood lacquer, oil-wax coatings do not form an air-tight film on the surface.
  • The wood covered with microporous coating allows two-way movement of moisture without any damage to the coating.
  • The wood covered with microporous coating can breathe freely, provides better air quality indoors and it is antistatic (attracts less dust) – ideal for allergy sufferers.


  • All wood coatings are based on natural oils and waxes: sunflower, linseed, soy and thistle oil, as well as carnauba and candelilla waxes.
  • Oil and oil-wax help to preserve the valuable properties of natural materials like wood.
  • Perfect for natural, environmentally friendly wood protection.
  • Pigments are approved for contact with food
  • Based on clean, renewable plant raw materials.
  • The binding agents in the coatings are based on natural vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood and protect it from the inside.


  • The coatings based on natural oil do not require the use of bases or primers
  • They provide excellent wood surface coating due to the high content of solids
  • Long processing time makes it easy to get the perfect coating without traces of brushstrokes
  • Oil-wax application is easy and problem-free even on larger surfaces
  • The application of a thin layer of the product is completely sufficient
  • No need to dilute the coatings – they are ready for direct use


  • High content of oils and waxes
  • High pigment content
  • Simply apply one or two layers of the oil-wax – without any priming
  • The application of a thin layer of the material is entirely sufficient
  • Oil-wax coatings save time and money


  • Partial renovation of a damaged fragment (e.g. floor) in the case of coatings for wood in indoor areas is possible by applying the hard oil wax layer on a damaged area. First, thoroughly clean the surface from dirt and grind any scratches, deep scratches or other damage.
  • Indoor wood coatings can be renovated or regenerated on the entire surface – naturally, without grinding
  • The coatings for wood in outdoor areas, unlike lacquer or wood stain, do not flake or delaminate, only slowly wear out over time, becoming thinner and thinner. Therefore, it is possible to apply another layer without first grinding the previous coating


  • The natural oils penetrate deeply into the wood allowing it to retain its natural flexibility and elasticity
  • They make the surface of the wood smooth unlike wood lacquers that raise wood fibres
  • They make the wood surface resistant to dirt rubbing and it is easy to keep clean
  • Proper care preserves the beautiful look for many years