Heartwood Beech

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Native ornament of forests in more esthetically determined way (mainly because of the exact exposure of valuable knots and mineral hyperthropies).

It will surely emphasize the appereance of every interior where the classic is mixed with modernity of functional design.

Length1205 mm2375 mm2175 mm
Thickness8,5 mm8,5 mm11,5 mm
Width210 mm210 mm210 mm
Surface1,52 sqm3,00 sqm1,83 sqm
Amount in 1 package6 pieces6 pieces4 pieces
Package1 package1 package1 package
Weight12 kg20 kg20 kg
Pallet68 packages - 103,36 sqm36 packages - 108,00 sqm44 packages - 80,96 sqm
Skirting boards1 box = 30 mb (12 pieces)1 box = 30 mb (12 pieces)1 box = 30 mb (12 pieces)

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