6 lacquer layers for even better protectiony

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Flooring is covered with 6 layers of UV laquers which are great supporters of everyday life.

In addition, flooring offered by Venifloor is covered with laquer mixed with CORUNDUM (aluminum oxide) which make it abrasion-resistant.

CORUNDUM is a mineral used in production of e.g. polishing tools and stands out with unique assets in hardness. According to the currently holding knowledge, Venifloor is the only Polish brand which uses the advantages of CORUNDUM in manufacturing floor boards.

Lacquer finishing and presence of CORUNDUM facilitate upkeep and protect wood for years. They make also a specific, protective filter on floor’s surface and slipping-protection. That finishing does not harten flooring, but protects it from dust, abrasion and scratching.

It also cooperates elastically with wood.